Green Homes Grant

You could receive up to £10,000 from the government to make your home more energy efficient

Let the government pay for improving your homes energy efficiency and reduce your bills.

Loft conversion


Insulation prevents heat leaving the house in Winter and entering the house in Summer. The government will pay to install this in your house, we can help you get the insulation your house needs.


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Low Carbon Heating

Heating your house using low carbon heating measures is better for the environment and will also decrease your energy bills, saving you money! Real Green Grants will help you access these savings.

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solar farm

Grant Secondary Measures

After installing insulation or low carbon heating there are several other options available to further improve your properties green credentials from draught-proofing to double or triple glazing.  

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What is the Green Homes Grant?

In August, the government announced a new green initiative, the ‘Green Homes Grant’ scheme that will provide grants of up to £10,000 to allow people to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Improvements are centred around improved insulation and low carbon heating solutions. Find out exactly what improvements you can make below using the grant.

Your Questions Answered


Can everyone get the £10,000 grant?

No, you must meet certain criteria. To qualify for the maximum £10,000 you must be on a low income and receive certain benefits.


Can everyone get the £5,000 grant?

If you own your own home or are a private or social landlord and the property is in England you should be eligible.


I own a new build house, do I qualify?

Non previously occupied new build houses are not eligible for the scheme. this is because most new builds are already energy efficient. 


Read what our happy and satisfied customer say about us

Ready for winter

With winter on the way, we jumped at the chance to improve the insulation in my home. I filled out the form and Real Green Grants did the rest, within in weeks my home had been fully insulated!

Sophie Kirk


Saving on my bills

Our semi-detached house is nearly 100 years old and our bills were expensive keeping it warm. Adding full insulation throughout the house as had a noticeable effect on our bills! 

Isaac Stone